Author = Ali Ghafari
Presenting a Model of Technological Entrepreneurship in Knowledge-Based Entreprises in Science and Technology Parks: a Qualitative Approach

Volume 6, Issue 1, May 2014, Pages 85-108


Ghasem Ramezanpour Nargesi; Gholam Reza Taleghani; Somaye Ramezanpour Nargesi; Ali Ghafary

Assessment of Effective Cultural Factorson Sustainable Management of Tehran

Volume 5, Issue 4, January 2014, Pages 19-38


Mojtaba Amiri; Majid Rahmanian; Ali Ghaffri

An Investigation of the relationship between talent management and the performance of faculty members in Esfehan University

Volume 5, Issue 3, December 2013, Pages 83-102


Gholam Reza Taleghani; Somayye Amini; Ali Ghafary; Hossein Adousi