Assessment of Effective Cultural Factorson Sustainable Management of Tehran

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Associate Prof.University of Tehran, Management college, Tehran, Iran

2 Ph.D. in Urban Management, Kyoto University, Japan

3 MSc. Student in MBA, University of Tehran


In this research the effective cultural elements on sustainable development in city of Tehran has been studied. So, at first, the key issues of research has been defined and studied from different dimensions. In the next step for studying cultural development in countries and the available models of sustainable development including culture, benchmarking has been done. Roles and goals of urban management in Tehran and its cultural missions has been considered at the next step and then according to the studies, research model and indicatorsto evaluate effective cultural elements has been developed and finally according those indicators, main and relevant hypothesis of research has been developed and a questionnaire has been made which its validity and reliability has been verified. The random sampling has been done from the reference group of people of Tehran. For examining the hypothesis T test has been used and for ranking the cultural parameters Friedman Test has been used, based on them the main hypothesis and 7 relevant have been verified and the effective elements have been ranked. As the main results the total cultural elements are effective on sustainable development of Tehran and identity, social cohesion and economic output of culture are related effectively to the social and economic development of Tehran, meanwhile engagement in cultural affairs is not related to the social and economic development of Tehran.