Aims and Scope

Journal of Public Administration(JPA)


Aim and Scope

Journal of Public Administration (JPA) is a peer-reviewed, open access, quarterly journal. Aimed at a diverse readership, JPA is committed to the study and practice of public administration, public management and policy making. JPA draws on the latest research - whether carried out by scholars or practitioners or indeed collaborations. It is essential that all articles meet the criteria of theoretical rigour and broad current interest.  All research articles in this journal have undergone initial editorial screen and rigorous peer review.


Major topics

Journal of Public Administration (JPAwelcomes theoretical, analytical, quantitative, qualitative and empirical research that focuses mainly on all aspects of public administration, public management, public organization theory and public policy irrespective of academic discipline, geographical region, theoretical lens or methodological approach. The areas of interest include in following subjects, but are not limited to:


Major Issues Of Public Administration

Politics- Administration Dichotomy



Public Accountability

Public Participation

Social Justice

Public Trust

Public Interests


Financial Management in the Public Sector 

Public Finance

Public Budgeting


Public Administration in Postmodern Age

Postmodern Public Administration

Globalization and Public Administration

Feminism and Public Administration

Language and Discourse


Public Administration and Markets

New Public Management

Public Choice



Market Citizenship and Costumer Oriented


Citizenship and Public Administration

Sexual Citizenship

Global Citizenship

Cultural Citizenship

Citizen- Administration Relationships

Local Government and Governance


Technology and Public Sector

Digital Government

Digital Citizenship

Digital City

Digital Governance

Virtual Organizations in The Public Sector


Other Issues Related to Public Administration 

Public Sphere and Public Value

Administrative Ethics

Good Governance

Future of Public Administration

Reinventing Government and Entrepreneurial Government

Political Parties

Transparency in The Public Sector