Designing a policy making model to improve the business environment of IRAN , A grounded theory

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Associate Prof. of Management Faculty , Tehran University Iran

2 Ph D student of Management faculty , Tehran University , Iran


A varity of policy making models have been put forward in different era. Although in real world each one of these models have a color and crystallized and an effect of each one could be traced in policy making . It is endeavored with the consideration of complexity of business environment and its various performers & players involved to present a conceptual model of policy making in order to improve the business environment of the Islamic Republic of Iran. This approach is based on quality research and grounded theory method . The population is business environment experts who have been interviewed through theoretical sampling by deep interviews. In this method the researcher with a deductive approach and by the use of gathered data is personally to prepare a reliable policy making theory . So after open coding , concepts and categories are extracted & will be put under the core category , causal conditions, context, intervening conditions and action and reaction strategies . Accordingly the main phenomena is the role of chamber of commerce & some actions are interaction between government & private sector, planning for improvement of business environment & real agenda setting . Finally the story line is illustrated and the theory is presented.


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