Investigating Lean Production in IRAN KHODRO Company in Accordance with Jackson & amp; Jones Model

Document Type : Research Paper



The present study attempts to investigate lean production in Iran Khodro Company in order to address the importance of renovation and implementation of strategic improvement cycle to achieve competitive advantage through improving product quality as well as correcting consumption pattern for energy in the country along with national strategies. Due to its comprehensiveness, having clear framework of lean tools and methods, and practical methodology, Jackson & Jones Model was used in this research. The method used here is of descriptive - correlative type based on structural equations. In this way, a questionnaire composed of 88 questions was designed for the nine key elements of development. First, Jackson & Jones model was used to evaluate level of organizational learning based on the nine key elements. Then, using factor analysis, the validity of Jackson & Jones model was verified. Findings of data analysis through structural equations show significant mutual relation between the three vertices of development triangle which in turn play significant role in development of Iran Khodro. Finally, Freedman test was used to identify the priority and importance of the nine key elements in development.


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