Relationship of State and Public Administration in Iran: A Comparative-Historical Study



Lack of public administration theory for Islamic Republic State in academic, administrative, Policy and decision making fields are felt. Why, it seems that between the State and public administration are common values. This paper seeks to investigate this issue. For this purpose, using comparative-historical analysis first, the historical relations and correspondence between state and public administration in the West and Iran were investigated. Second, The common values between the theories of state and public administration was extracted and modeled. Third, the relationship between state and public management in the West and Iran based on the values emphasized in both theories was explained. The results showed; first, there is correspondence between the theories of state and public administration. Second, theories of state and public administration in the West established for the problems, conditions and needs of its societies. Third, until the Constitutional Revolution and the transformation of state theory, has been correspondence between public administration and political system, But since then, especially with raising of religious rule on the one hand and democratic and legal governance on the other hand, proportionality between the state and public administration have been challenged. Accordingly, some of the challenges of public administration theory appropriate for the Islamic Republic state have been mentioned.