Investigation Of Relation Between Strategic Thinking And Game Style Of Players In Area Of Computer Games (Case study: Clash Of Clans Computer Game)

Document Type : Research Paper



The present study attempts to establish a connection between strategic thinking style and the style of game players in the game that called Clash of clans and thus, introduce a new method in the evaluation of strategic thinking skills of Clash of clans computer games. Therefore, the dimensions of strategic thinking by John Pisapia the one hand and the theory of "players’ type" from Richard Bartle on the other hand in the design of the conceptual model used in this study. The study benefited from the qualitative and quantitative research methods, statistical sample of 51 players worked with the researchers and their responses to two questionnaires "strategic thinking" and "game style" was analyzed. At the end it is concluded that there is a significant relation between, strategic thinking and the players’ game style in the area of Clash of Clans computer game.


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