Analyzing the Critical Success Factors in New Service Development (NSD) Using Structural Equations Model (Case Study: Region 1 of Municipality of Tehran)

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Associated Prof., Dep. of Industrial Management, University of Yazd, Iran

2 PhD Candidate, Marketing Management, Tarbiyat Modares University, Iran

3 MSc., Industrial Management, Science and Art University of Yazd, Iran


Globalization and high pace of technological processes,
achieved by information technology, increase the pressure on private and
public organizations to compete for providing new services. The service
sector accounts for the largest employment growth and value-added in
developed economies. Therefore, extensive studies on developing new
services and their success factors have become more important. In this
regard, the present study is carried out with the purpose of investigating
critical success factors and presenting a model for new service development.
The population of this study consists of two groups; the first group includes
managers and experts of municipality for identifying CSFs and the second
group includes citizens of region 1 of Tehran in order to evaluate the
performance of municipality in NSD. For collecting data, two questionnaires
of identifying CSFs and evaluating the performance are used. Structural
equations model and Topsis and Vikor decision making techniques are
employed to examine the questions. For presenting obvious and practical
results, CSFs that are confirmed in the model are included in importanceperformance
matrix and are divided into 4 sections the most important of
which are those located in the second quarter. Therefore, municipality must
improve its performance in these items to successfully develop its services.


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