Investigating the Impact of impostor Phenomenon on Family-Work Conflict with Mediating Role of Perfectionism

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Prof., in Human Resources Management, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

2 MA in Human Resources Management, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran


Self-perception is a determinant factor in everyone’s personal
and organizational success. One of the effective components that affect
people’s self-perception is the Impostor Phenomenon which has multiple
consequences on organizations and their staff. Hence investigating and
identifying the consequences of Impostor Phenomenon is highly
important. Accordingly in this research, the impact of impostor
phenomenon on work and life conflict with mediating role of
perfectionism has been investigated. In order to collect data, the
employed students of Tehran University were chosen as the population
and 250 questionnaires were distributed among them 176 of which were
completed and returned to the researchers. The study results using the
path analysis method show that The Impostor Phenomenon affects
“negative perfectionism” directly and “family and work conflict”
indirectly (􀈙= 0.340). The results also show that there is no relationship
between Impostor Phenomenon and “positive perfectionism”. It’s noted
that “negative perfectionism” has the greatest effect (􀈙= 0.517) on
students’ “family and work conflict”.