Organizational Parameters Affecting Work-Life Balance Employees of an Automotive Parts' Manufacturer

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Ph.D. Candidate in Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior, Management Faculty, University of Tehran, Iranر

2 Assistant Prof., Dep. of Human Resource Management, University of Tehran, Iran

3 Associate Prof., Dep. of Business Management, University of Tehran, Iran


This study has been conducted to find solutions for
increasing work–life balance of employees of an automotive parts
manufacturer. For this reason by reviewing the literature we found
two main groups of parameters affecting WLB, including individual
parameters (e.g. sex, age) and organizational parameters. We focused
on the second group in this study. We considered four parameters
including workload, organizational flexibility, organizational support,
and supervisor support as organizational parameters. About 411
employees out of 840 participated in the study and we measured the
amount of their work-life balance. By using SPSS software and
multiple regression and Pearson correlation techniques we found out
that there is a meaningful relationship between WLB and all four
organizational parameters. While there is a strong positive relationship
between WLB and organizational flexibility, this relationship is
negative between WLB and workload.