E-Governance in Municipalities: Studying the Iranian Municipalities’ Portals

Document Type : Research Paper


1 PhD. Candidate Management, Faculty of Management, University of Tehran, Iran

2 Assistant Prof., Dep. of Management, University of Tehran, Iran


Governing includes administrative and political processes
and mechanisms which provide the conditions for citizens and social
groups to discuss their interests reduce the differences and ensure their
rights. In the age of information and communication technologies, in
order to achieve this aim, public institutions are constrained to have
digital portals. These portals must comply with some standards which
are provided by national/ international organizations. These standards
include being user-friendly, respecting privacy, and providing the
citizens with the ability of participation in the governance. Here,
municipalities’ portals are regarded as gates that can provide the
citizens with the most information about cities. In this paper, we
studied 30 portals of Iranian municipalities in order to explore the
strengths and weaknesses of the portals. For this aim, the United
Nations check list was used. The results of mean scores show that the
portals are in low maturity level and need more attention. At the end
some recommendations are provided in order to improve the quality
and quantity of the portals.


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