Assessing the Social Impact of Repairing and Reconstructing Minarets of Mosques Located in the 9th Region of Municipality of Tehran

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Assistant Prof., Dep. of Industrial Management, Farabi Campus of Qom. Qom, Iran

2 M.Sc., Social Science, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran


Minarets of mosques (called ‘Goldasteh’ in Persian) are
one of the artifacts of Iranian Islamic culture. Thus repairing and
reconstructing the minarets of mosques could have considerable
outcomes for expanding Islamic architecture and urban beautification.
This research tries to investigate “the social-environmental impact of
repairing and reconstructing minarets of mosques located in the 9th
regions of municipality of Tehran”. The research is organized based
on the ten-step social impact assessment model and it uses both
qualitative (deep interviews and observation) and quantitative (survey)
methods to answer research questions. The results of the research
reveal that repairing and reconstructing minarets of mosques can have
social, cultural and environmental impacts such as urban
beautification, developing Iranian Islamic architecture, attracting
citizens (adults) to mosques, citizens’ satisfaction and etc. On the
other hand, the negative impact can be ignoring neighbors’ rights and
mosques’ priorities. In addition, it may cause urban management to
become an arena of political competitions among interest groups.