Designing native model of recognition and evolution of organizational culture of military and police organizations in Islamic Republic of Iran

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Associat Prof. at Imamhosein University

2 Assistant Professor at Imamhosein University

3 Researcher at Imamhosein University


The aim of this study is to design an appropriate organizational culture for the military and police organizations. The main research question is that what is native model of recognition and management of organizational culture for the military and police?
In order to achieve an accurate and definitive model to investigate the above question the first step is to review the existing models in the scientific literature. After that by considering special features of military and police organization, dimensions, components and indicators of proposed model were designed. Then, the model was evaluated by experts. The model has 5 dimensions, 20 properties, and 94 indicators. Validity was confirmed by expert with 93.7. The aim of the research is practical and the data collection method is survey. Data is analyzed by using descriptive and inferential statistics methods. In the results five types of cultures are appeared: idealistic, excellence-oriented, change-oriented, rule-oriented, and ideologic culture. Among them excellence-oriented culture is the first rank and rule-oriented culture is the last rank. The proposed model can be used for evaluting different aspects of the organizational culture by considering the special properties of the society.


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