Explanation the relation of cultural components and the quality of properties maintenance in organization

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Assistant Prof Faculty of Management University of Tehran

2 PhD .student Faculty of Management University of Tehran


Organizational culture is that has attracted the attention of a large number of specialists and interested people to management science because of its publicity ,and the term “culture “ alone with is synonyms has arrived into management literature in last decades. This topic has attracted such a great attention that has made managers very careful in decision making in all organization fields. On the other hand , because of high cost in organization and allocation of large amount of budget to properties the need for properly use of properties and equipment have been emphasized, and many theories and ideas have aroused in this respect.
In Iran no systematic research has been made about the relationship between culture and property maintenance so far. Or at least it has been limited.
Therefore we recognized the necessity for an exclusive research in this field.
This research has been designed and performed to understand the relationship between cultural characteristic and quality of property maintenance in government agencies.
A sample of 220 of the staff of the organization under research participated in the research all of them have been chosen randomly and according to classified sampling method.
The research made questionnaire was used the collecting of information which its validity and reliability were proved data acceptable after performance. Statistical data were analyzed by means of descriptive statistical methods and perspective statistical methods
In SPSS program research finding show that there is meaningful relationship between current cultural characteristics and the quality of property maintenance i.e. the better cultural characteristics, the better quality of properties maintenance.


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