A survey on the service quality of Parsian Bank in Hamedan Province

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Assistant Prof, Public Administration, Science and Research of Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran

2 MSc, Business Administration, Islamic Azad University, Malayrer, Iran


The main purpose of this research is measuring the service quality of Parsian Bank in Hamedan province from the customers' viewpoints. This research is typically applied and methodologically is descriptive-surveying. Statistical population are all customers that have different accounts in all branches this bank in Hamedan province.
The sample of 384 customers volume has been selected randomly by using Morgan Table. Library and survey methods were used for gathering information. Data collection instrument was a researcher designed questionnaire consisting of 21 items. Content validity of the questionnaire was reviewed and required modification executed. The reliability of the instrument was calculated 87% through Cranbach’s Alpha and by using SPSS software. Data collected were analyzed by using nonparametric statistic (Wilcoxon) and T-Test. The findings of the study showed that customers' conceptions were higher than their expectancies in different aspects of quality such as service systems, behavioral, machine, and accurate exchange services, in other word the subjects are very happy from quality of Parsian Bank services in Hamedan province.


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