Explaining the role of job resources and personal resources in employees work engagement

Document Type : Research Paper


Assistant prof. of Management Department, Qazvin Islamic Azad University, Qazvin, Iran


In a past decade concept of employee enagagement has attracted the attention of human resources and organizational behavior reserachers and practitioners. This research aims to study the role of job resources (autonomy, social support, feedback, supervisory coaching, and opportunities for development) and personal resources (self- efficacy, proactive personality, conscientious trait) on work engagement (vigor, dedication and absorption). Respondents were employee of an industrial group (main company and six affiliated companies). Research data collected via questionnaire. Research model was tested by using path analysis and structural equation modeling techniques. Results showed positive and significant relationship between variables and also job resources and personal resources had positive impact on work engagement. But impact of job resources on work engagement is greater than personal resources.