Assessing the Amount of the Effectiveness of Clinical Approaches on the Personnel's Vocational Alienation (Case of Payame Noor University- Khoy Center)

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Prof. Faculty of Management University of Tehran, Iran

2 Assistant Prof. University of Payam e Noor, Tehran, Iiran


This research was about the modification of work alienation of personnel at the payame Noor University. In order to measure the work alienation, this study has used Siman’s model. Beside, the analysis of profile test has used for comparing the experimental and control groups from the viewpoint of work alienation and its three dimensions and ultimately testing hypothesis. Research was carried out, according to the purpose, an applied research and in terms of how data gathering, is considered an experimental research that needs the active presence of the researcher. Findings and research results show that the mean linear combination of work alienation’s three dimensions mean in the experimental and control groups at the scores of pretest, posttest and follow- up have significant difference together. As a result, it means that implemented programs (treatment) about modification of work alienation have been affective in the selected center (Khoy Payame Noor University) and research hypothesis has been confirmed.


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