Human Resources Strategy Formulation by Strategic Reference Points Theory (Case Study: RPK Company)



HR strategy is the pattern of HR-related decisions. That is, the gestalt of negotiated people related policies and practices in use indeed the formulation and enactment of an HR strategy designed to link HR policies and practices with the strategic goals and objective of the firm. The purpose of this research is Human resources Strategy formulation for PRK Company. Integrative Model (Bamberger & Meshoulam) used in this research. Population universe of the study includes directors of the company. Which measure each determining variables of strategic reference points for every strategic occupations of the company Data gathering instruments include questionnaire and interviewing? After processing of the data, strategic coordinates of the occupations were determined and appropriate strategic pattern of each occupation was identified. The results demonstrate that the appropriate strategy for the main occupations in competition strategy of the organization is the commitment Strategy. Appropriate strategy for the other occupation is the secondary strategy. Commitment attitude will result in better understanding of intents and objectives of the organization, and in fact it is a framework for management and training of the staffs for reliance on the company’s success in achieving its objectives.