Analyzing Entrepreneurship Obstacles in Agricultural Faculties of Iran (Students' viewpoints)



: The purpose of this study was analyzing entrepreneurship obstacles in agricultural faculties of Iran. Statistical population consisted of 61418 students that by stratified random sampling method, 403 individuals of them were selected from agricultural faculties of Iran. The instrument of data gathering was questionnaire and analyzing the data was done by using of SPSS software. The findings of research showed that only 6 percent of students had a job that was in relating with their field of study. The results of FA showed that, 5 infrastructural factors were known as the most important obstacles of entrepreneurship in agricultural faculties that were: "educational obstacles", "individual – characteristic obstacles", "law – support obstacles", "facilities obstacles" and" communication obstacles", these factors could totally explained 64.88 percent of variance of variables. Finally on the basis of findings, some suggestions were delivered.