Presenting a Crisis Management Model with Emphasis on Human Resources Management System for Hospitals of Tehran



Crisis Management, as one of the key activities in strategic management has significant importance. One of the major requirements of crisis management is the high level of readiness and qualification of human resources responsible for crisis management. The focus of this paper is on presenting a crisis management model with human resources approach. First, we reviewed the literature and extracted the components related to human resources management in crisis management context. Then, we sought the opinions of 71 experts in this field in order to test the validity of the artifacts of the proposed model such as the role of human resources in different stages of crisis, different dimensions of human resources management in crisis management teams and finally, the effective cultural factors in this process. The results showed that the human resources play a vital role in the stages of prevention, shock, aggravation, chronic, control and learning from the crisis management. In addition, cultural factors such as team work spirit, conquering fear, expertism, self-devotion, ignoring rumors, desire for adopting new information technologies and pioneering culture have high influence in crisis management process.