Development Administration Pattern By Islamic Values: Investigation of Ayatollah Khomeini's Viewpoints



Since every society requires a unique pattern based upon its dominant values for multi dimensional development and, ayatollah, Khomeini as the great founder of a holy Islamic community has realized the first practical experience of development administration thru Islamic values, a survey has been carried out about ayatollah Khomeini's viewpoints on development administration with respect to his 22 volume book collection which the present article is derived from the scientific-applied results of the survey. In this article first with an introduction on the issue, we had described its significance, research goals، research methodology and territory and essential topics of the survey، and then we had an overall glance on scientific literature of development administration، and in the main section of the article, survey findings، which is designed in a scientific-applied structure is being discussed in detail.
First the concept of development association of religion and development, hypotheses of development public administration roles in development، management development dimensions، development planning, and development functions priorities from ayatollah Khomeini's viewpoints is described and then management of cultural, economic and political development from Ayatollah Khomeini's viewpoints is being analyzed separately.