Competency Model of Iranian Public Administers: Grounded Theory Approach



This study aimed to achieve public administers competency model was designed. Therefore, to achieve a precise model with the scientific method, the Grounded Theory strategy was used. During the study selected 22 Volume of Imam's shire, as one of the richest resources competency model for the design of public administers and research were investigated. First approach based on the Grounded Theory strategy at first, is open coding, 22 volumes Shire Imam were open coding and then through the axial coding of the main Categories and sub-categories, public administers competency model based on Shire Imam were presented. Referred to the experts and professional experts in various scientific fields, while modifiable model above, public administers competency model was designed. Main Categories of the model are "being Islamic ", "people being", "serving", inattention to self-interest "," responsibility", "accountability", and" personal competencies "and the seven sub-category are included in total public administers competency model.