Investigating Convergence Effects on Management of Print News Media: Study of Hamshahri Newsrooms



In recent years, various attempts have been made by media managers to achieve a framework to move from conventional newsrooms to convergent newsrooms.So it seems that the recognition of obstacles and barriers faced by newsrooms attaches of great importance. This research is a complete series of these challenges in four categories, including: technological, organizational, cultural and institutional factors.In order to identify these challenges and obstacles with the aid of conceptual content analysis and survey method, of newsroom and various guidline theories related topic of convergence have been analysied and then to identifying challenges and obstacles we do survey in hamshahri print and online newsrooms. The analysis of research results reveals that the most important obstacles of convergence in newsrooms include: The lack of participation culture among newsroom personnel, lack of constructive interaction among print and online newsrooms, the long process of training multi-task and flexible personnel and lack of necessary investments in using new media technologies.