Preparing a Model for development of the Transformational leadership in the Universities, concerning the modification of the self –estrangement in business. (Case: Payam e Nur University)



This research is concerned about the modification of work alienation of personnel at the payam e Nur University. In order to measure the research constructs, this study has used several instruments such as Siman’s model for work alienation, Organizational Culture Assessment Questionnaire (OCAQ), Robbins’s model for organizational structure and Transformational Leadership Inventory (TLI). This study is a descriptive research according to gathered data type. Beside, the research route analysis model test is used for testing hypothesis. Results & findings of research reveals that contrary to current theories, the transformational leadership, in payam e nur university has a positive & significant effect on the work alienation and transformational leaders by organizational structure and culture constructs which play mediator role in this study, can modify work alienation.