Explanation of Intra organizational and Extra organizational Construction of Organizational Identity in Public Organizations



One of the most hot topic in recent years in management is Organizational identity and more important than it, is identity Construction which ignored in researches. Nowadays in most of the public organizations, the increase of turnover rate, reducing employees` job satisfaction, increasing the amount of job absent, developing job alienation, and lack of accepting responsibility sense and generally lack of identifying of the members with their organization, are noticed. The need for promoting the awareness of managers and directors of these organizations are among the effective factors on constructing the organizational identity and potential interests resulted from the strong and tenacious organizational identity more than ever. The present research is going to study internal and external factors effective on the constructing the organizational identity and the relationship between each of these factors with the organizational identity and present some guidelines for improving and strengthening it in the organizations. The mutual relationship of each of these factors with the organizational identity has been studied through correlation research method. The results show that there is positive and significant relationship between the positive media attentions to the organizations, external recognition, internal communication, top management team, human resources management and internal communication with organizational identity.