Structural Model of Developing Workers' Productivity



In general, productivity is gaining maximum profit from manpower, equipments, time, place, and son on in order to enhance social welfare. Without doubt, promoting productivity at individual, group, and organizational levels depends on different factors. This research is about to find a model to recognize influencing factors on workers’ productivity in the MST Group, and to show relationships among relevant variables at individual level. A finding of this research is indicative of following influencing factors on worker’s productivity:
1) perceived organizational justice; 6) individual ability;
2) perceived organizational trust; 7) organizational citizen behavior;
3) Motivation; 8) personality;
4) Organizational commitment; 9)Maritalstatus
5) perceived organizational support;
The structural model of variables relationships illustrates key for following factors roles in development of human resource productivity: 1) organizational support; 2) individual ability; and 3) organizational trust.