Organizational Structure Pathology Of Islamic republicOf Iranian central insurance



The basic goal of this research is recognition of losses of organizational structure of Iranian central insurance and secondary importance are recognition of losses of organizationalcomplexity, organizational formalization and organizational centralization. For data collecting is designed aquestionnaire that is measuring organizational structure situation in robin’s structural dimension’s model. After data analysis with spss software, losses is recognized and then with attention to obtained is presented essential proposes for organizational structure reform. Statistical Population of this research is all of Iranian central insurance employee that between of them is selected 75 people for Statistical Sample. find of this research show that with attention of theoretic literature and out put’s research exam’s, Iranian central insurance’s organizational Structure of Islamic republic of Iran must be organic and flexible but it’s mechanical with high degree of organizational complexity, organizational formalization and organizational centralization. Finally, with test in confidence level 0/095 , sig <0/05 is obtained, Therefore important supposition is confirmated, it means being deference between existence Iranian central insurance structure anddesired pattern.