A Comprehensive Model for identify factors impact on develop of organizational citizenship behavior (Case study: People in staff of Iranian national oil Firm)



The main purpose of this paper is formulating the comprehensive model for identify factors that impact on develop of organizational citizenship behavior in Iranian Petrol National Firm. To achieve the purpose mentioned above, questionnaire survey method is used. Participant in this research are 2500 people in staff of firms and 100 people are selected as sample. In this research is examined impacts of five factors such as leadership, personality, Structural, cultural and Value Factor on develop of OCB.
Results indicate that OCB is high in units that their manager is used transformational stale, their employee have personality trait such as emotional stability, extraversion, openness, agreeableness and conscientiousness, also their organizational culture was process oriented, employee Oriented ,have an open system and loose control. Finally finding in this research is shown that Social capital and organizational justice enhance OCB in organizations.