The Study of Factors Influencing Job Satisfaction among Employees of Bank of Industry & Mine



This article reflects a review of the findings of three research projects that have been done throughout two years to study factors influencing job satisfaction among employees of the Bank of Industry & Mine (benk-e-sanat va madan). It also opens new suggestions to improve job satisfaction (JS) among the target group of the study. Out of all theories reviewed and used in the study, 13 hypotheses was extracted and tested.
In terms of time direction, the study is a longitudinal study with a panel design. In this view, the study is an endeavor to analyze variation of job satisfaction by the time. The statistical population of this research consists of all employees of the Bank of Industry and Mine. Thus, this paper shows the results of a population study that has surveyed respondents during three phases: phase I (n= 618), phase II (n= 735) and phase III (n= 531).
The research results shows that among all variables/ factors directly or indirectly influencing job satisfaction, respondents' "socio-economic status (SES)", composed of some individual and organizational variables, affects significantly job satisfaction (?= 0.263). Dependent variable of this study (JS) is also explained significantly by other influencing factors in this way: "participation in decision-making" (?= 0.326), " organizational climate" (? = 0.304), "equality perception" (? = 0.302), "satisfaction with bio-physical needs" (? =0.179), "satisfaction with social needs" (? = 0.269), "satisfaction with physical environment" (? = 0.11), and "satisfaction with welfare- related facilities" (? = 0.11). Moreover, two variables concerning the nature of job, namely "role conflict" and "role ambiguity," do not provide strong support for the JS among the surveyed employees of the bank (? = -0.037, ? = -0.04 respectively).