Exploring Effect of Learning Process on Performance in International Collaborations



There is a growing trend to consider knowledge as an organizational resource important to a company competitive advantage. The knowledge based perspective can provide insights into both the opportunity to enhance organizational competence and the difficulties of engaging in joint activities with foreign partners. Organizational learning is the detection and resolution of differences in knowledge and behaviors between individuals and groups. When current understanding and routine is confronted with different understanding and routine, recognizing and resolving those differences is a learning process. The question of research is: what is the effect of learning process on performance in international collaboration? Research method used in research is survey. Of the 150 survey packages sent out, 105 of this questionnaire returned.this research questionnaire has 19 question that 15 question is related to dependent variables and 4 question is related to independent variables. To analyze data we use regression. The result of research show that the most learning happen in transfer level and have the most effect on performance. Learning in the level of transformation and harvesting happen less than transfer level and have the least effect on performance.