The Vision of Public Administration Based on Strategic Plan of PA Scientific Associations



The knowledge of public administration which is considered as an inter-disciplinary field is one of the most important fields of human sciences, which focuses on the study of organizing governments. This field and its curriculum will highly affect many of the human beings and their future.
This field has resulted in a requirement for using the collaboration and cooperation of several scientific groups. Of course, public administration field is not merely an end user of the findings of these groups; it provides the opportunity for a synergy and interaction of new theories which can affect the findings of different scientific groups. Each organization or scientific & social association requires strategic plans, which comprise organization’s mission, the most important goals, values, and strategies, which will guide the leaders in moving the organization toward its preferred targets. Of course, image formation depends on knowing the opportunities, threats, weak points, and strengths of the studied system, and using their capabilities effectively.
In this research, the strategic plans of active public administration associations have been studied and analyzed, and based on them recognized the mission and goals of association and written a sample strategic plan for a PA association.