Evaluating the Role of Organization and Management in Appearing Deviant Workplace Behaviors



Evaluating the role of organization and management in appearing deviant workplace behaviors which expose organizational norms to variation and cause a threat for the well-being of the organization and its members is an important subject. The relevant researches have categorized these behaviors to various kinds such as individual and organizational deviance, constructive and destructive deviance, and production, property and political deviance and personal aggression. In addition, in many researches, the relevant factors to these behaviors have been evaluated (An other article regarding deviant behaviors has previously been published by above mention researches). For example, individual factors, group factors, leadership, managerial and organizational factors, etc. and in this research, managerial and organizational factors have been focused.
In this respect, a sample 40-person population has been chosen and their opinions about three organizational factors have been appraised. In this regard, cultural weakness, unfair rules and improper structure of compensation and reward have been stated as major factors in tendency toward deviant behaviors.