Surveying of the Relationship between Employee Empowerment and Organizational Commitment in the 19 Districts of Tehran Education Organization



Nowadays organizations should be conducted in a completely challenging environment with extraordinary changes. In such situations, managers don,t have enough time to control employees and should delegate most of their tasks to their subordinates. The employees could do the tasks delegated right only when they have enough ability and knowledge and related skiles. The empowerment process is a tool which can ensure managers to delegate these tasks. This research is a survey research based on correlation method using sampling. The volume of sample is district 9 regard to clustering sampling method with the volume of 240 people. In this article the first assumption is about the relation between the employee,s empowerment and their organizational commitment. In the next assumptions, the relation between the empowerment dimentions (Competence, Meaningful, Trust in others, Impact and Choice) and organizational commitment are considered. The results of the research show that there is no relation between empowering and the organizational commitment and it,s subsidiary hypothesis excep the meaningful and trust in others. Also, the rate of employee empowerment is more than average and that of organizational commitment is less than average.