A Study on Employees Empowerment in Service Sector(case study of banking system)



It is dawn clear that empowered employees in public sector perform a critical role in their organizational service quality. By the same token, currently competitive advantages stem from employees’ high self-confidence and their commitment toward the goals rather than application of high technologies. This study summarizes twenty influencing factors on employees empowerment including information, authority, teamwork, leadership style, training, involvement, experience opportunity, goals and policy clarity, decentralization, resources availability, responsibility, rewards, job enrichment, coaching, job significance, self-confidence, role ambiguity and employees recognition. These factors were recognized through factor analysis in five different factor group called attention to personal growth and job design, attention to employees issues and team work, leadership style, attention to formality and clarity and attention to environment and decentralization. These factors justified %64.533 of the variance and the first factor attention to personal growth and job design enjoying %38.72 share of the variance ranked the first in influencing the empowerment.